Case Studies


Case Study 1



Digital health tool company in the psychotherapy space needed to demonstrate proof of customer



Develop and execute launch plan


Action Taken

Collaborated with client to understand product market fit and design digital marketing promotional plan to learn as much as possible about the market opportunity; leveraged consumer-based social media and professional society online channels



Drove 1,800 new visitors to website within 6-week time frame; identified most effective positioning and offers


Case Study 2



A diagnostic company in the cardiovascular space revised its business model to accelerate growth



Product positioning and selling tools needed to be updated to support the new strategy


Action Taken

Led a rebranding effort involving external agency and internal business partners to align on the value proposition and message platform



Updated brand and selling system supported year on year revenue growth of 20%


Case Study 3



A medical device company sought a new round of funding and needed to demonstrate it had a clear path to accelerated sales of its in-market product



Develop an integrated marketing plan that was actionable


Action Taken

Facilitated a half-day workshop to align team on current market situation and identify opportunities where they could devise promotional programs that were complementary



Company successfully secured financing that supported accelerated growth


Recent Comments


    "Ruckus Partners facilitated the development of an integrated strategic marketing plan for my company.  They used a thoughtful process that was inclusive of all key team members input.  The effort aligned us to a common purpose and helped move us to the next stage in our company’s growth."

    Kim Bridges
    President & CEO, Acessa Health

    "Laura’s coaching on our pitch worked. People immediately understood what we are doing and the value we provide, and I had four investors reach out to say they wanted to invest during the event. That hasn't happened before."

    Colin M Carpenter
    President & CEO, Siris Medical Inc.

    "I worked with Laura when she led the marketing team at diaDexus. She is a very skilled marketer, adept at identifying the overarching commercial goals, customer needs and strategies necessary for success. A quick study and super smart. A motivating leader."

    Susan Hempstead
    former Senior Vice President, Account Management and Strategy, VIVO West

    "Laura brings her exceptional marketing and product strategy expertise to the portfolio development process…She has the ability to assess a technology opportunity, identify make or break issues, and tactfully communicate these – key to enable sound decision-making."

    Peggy Hawkins
    former Business Development & Venture Management, Santen, Inc.

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