Swing. It’s a term in rowing that describes that state in which all rowers appear to be moving in perfect harmony with no wasted effort. When each rower moves in synchronization, with every pull, momentum increases and the win is more assured.

pho_growingIt’s race day.
You boat is at the start.
What happens next will set the
tone for the entire contest. Will
you stay ahead of your
competition and come out
victorious? Will the crowds be
on your side? Will your team
achieve swing?

With a thoughtful strategy and planning, the answer to all of these questions can be yes.

Key Factors to Winning a Medical Innovation Race are:

  • The provider is eager to adopt the innovation
  • The patient is open to and accepting of the innovation
  • The payer is willing to pay for the innovation

Develop a (G)rowing Strategy

An integrated brand plan that focuses your cross-functional team’s efforts across all stakeholder groups ensures team alignment—everyone knows what to do and why. They know how to achieve swing.

Think of each target geography as a race. Before deploying a field team consider:

  • How many patients in the community are seeking treatment and from whom?
  • Who are the predominant payers and are they likely to cover your innovation?
  • Who are the providers and do they accept patients with the insurance plan that covers your innovation? Are the providers considered early adopters or are they slow to accept innovation?

By understanding these deep customer insights, strategies and tactical plans can be devised to ensure that the race will be won.

Now, tell us about your (g)rowing strategy.