Commercial health insurance plans are innovating in a variety of ways. From shifting away from B2B toward B2C models to new retail partnerships, plans are embracing innovation as a way to grow business, cut costs and improve quality of care and the patient experience.


  • Aetna wants to “Radically re-invent the healthcare landscape” by moving to simpler, consumer directed health plans. The product offerings to employers are beginning to look more like individual health insurance exchanges and they want 75% of all provider payments to be value based.
  • Anthem and United are trying to improve the eating habits of their beneficiaries through partnerships with grocery stores—like Walmart. The partnerships show an increased interest in prevention as well as a significant shift to B2C engagement.
  • In their Vital Innovation program, Highmark is hoping to speed the adoption of value-based ideas and technologies. They provide funding for research “to accelerate the pace with which novel technologies and services are made available.”


Payers are innovating and want solutions that help them meet their financial goals.

  • New technologies that facilitate value based payment systems, improve quality of care or increase patient engagement are likely to have wheels with payers.
  • Therapies that allow patient management in the least intensive setting without compromising outcomes will also capture a plan’s attention.

Partnering with payers early in the development process will foster collaboration for innovation. Make sure your strategies keep the payer needs in view.

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